Pointing domain to dreamhosted PHPBB forum

I have www.handmadeboat.com domain hosted by 1&1.
I’d like to build a forum that is linked to that site, with an address such as forum.handmadeboat.com
I need someone to explain how to do this “pointing.”

I’m so new, that I only just found out that the name has to be forum.handmadeboat.com, and not www.handmadeboat.com/forum
But I can learn. Back to questions…

I would like to use the One Click installs for a PHPBB forum, but I have read here that people are having trouble with members posting to the forum but the posts never showing up.

To avoid the first problem, someone suggested building my PHPBB forum from a download from PHPBB.com instead of using the one-click dreamhost product.

I have also seen some security/naming issues discussed with something called CHMOD and a 777 issue.

I don’t have suggestions from anyone about how to avoid the second problem.
Is there going to be an issue with people uploading their photos to the site?
What issues will I face with this 777 + dreamhost problem?

Thank you,

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  1. Go ahead and set up a Parked handmadeboat.com domain here. You won’t be using it, but need it before you can create a subdomain. Now set up a Fully Hosted forum.handmadeboat.com. If you go into Manage Domains, click DNS to find the IP address for forum.handmadeboat.com. You’ll need to add it to the DNS at 1and1 for forum.handmadeboat.com. Keep in mind that your IP address here might change at some point if they reconfigure your server, or move you to a different server.

  2. Manually installing phpBB3 isn’t such a tough process. Download the site from phpbb.com and set up a database here. Future updates can be handled through phpBB’s Admin Control Panel.

  3. chmod 777 can be risky. Which issue have you seen?

There are requirements for phpBB here:

Specifically, item 4 under Quick Install:
Change the permissions on the following directories to be writable by all (777 or -rwxrwxrwx within your FTP Client):
store/, cache/, files/ and images/avatars/upload/

On this forum, I saw:

It gets a little over my head with the code, but at the heart of it, it seems there’s a problem with some kind of avatar related display functionality or hosting of images (I couldn’t actually tell which was the issue), and that the issue has not yet been resolved, or had some kind of very difficult fix that I might not be able to figure out within the next year because I have no exposure to code.

Is this something I’m going to have to worry about?

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phpBB3, as it stands, is careful about what users are allowed to upload. That being said, if it needs 777 for a directory, I don’t have a big issue with it, but I’d try 755 first. The thread you reference is a user’s own script for uploading to a server. andrewf suggested that the user do some filtering to prevent a user from uploading a hostile (executable) file to the server. phpBB already does this, so go ahead and follow their instructions for installation.

These steps are unnecessary on DreamHost.

That thread was discussing a user’s custom upload script. Had nothing to do with phpBB.