Pointing domain name to dreamhost times

Hi I have a domain registered by http://www.onlydomains.com I have set DreamHost to fully host this domain, and have set up the three DN servers to point to DreamHost. It is about 9 hours & the domain has not kicked in, all I am seeing is the parking page

How long does this process take - I had another site with hostgator registered through onlydomains & it took under an hour for it to appear

Perhaps I have made an error? Any clues?

“Appear” and “change” are two different things in the DNS world. This is due to caching.

To know how long it will take you first need to know the TTL value that onlydomains.com has associated with the DNS entries.

Generally speaking, 12-24 hours is a good estimate for a “change”, however that can inflate to 3 days to bee seen worldwide.

This issue is also completely outside of anything within dreamhosts control.

whose parking page are you seeing? DH’s? onlydomains’? If you are seeing DH’s, then everything is working fine. You need to add your site.

in my experience, despite what people say, changes to DNS don’t take more than an hour at the most. i’ve even fully transferred domains from one registrar to the other in less than a few hours (once, I was lucky I guess).