Pointing CNAME 'www' at GoDaddy to wordpress at Dreamhost

Hello – just installed Wordpress using 1-Click ‘advanced’ option to my Dreamhost account, but need to change the CNAME for ‘www’ at GoDaddy to point to it. Changing it to ‘wordpress.dreamhost.com’ did not work. To what should I change the “A” name as well as “CNAME”?


DreamHost hosted sites can’t be configured to respond to a CNAME. The proper way is to use an A record.

If you aren’t hosting any websites or email at GoDaddy, you should use the DreamHost name servers.

If you want to use the GoDaddy name servers, you should have installed your WordPress here into a Fully Hosted Domain. To get the A record for this, go to the panel here for Manage Domains and click DNS to see what your IP address should be.

However that IP address can and will change, without notice. This will cause unexpected downtime at some point. So, as as sdayman noted above, the proper thing to do would be to change the nameservers.


I have a related question regarding CNAME. Feedburner is saying that I need to point my CNAME to feedburner. I have tried this and it isn’t working. CNAME fairtraderjournal.feedburner.com

Are you saying that I should use A record instead? I appreciate any replies as this is beyond my knowledge level at the moment.

Thanks! Constance

You should really start a new thread, as this is a separate issue. That said, this link should answer your questions:

Sorry, I am new to these forums as you can tell. Thanks for the link. Constance

No problem. It just helps to keeps things organized :slight_smile: Did those instructions work for you?

I have made changes and am now just waiting to see if it works. FeedBurner says it can take up to 48 hours so I guess I won’t know for a while.

I am having the same problem and am using DreamHost Apps (free). I do not want to change my nameservers.

When I set it up I received an email saying:
"… OR you need to ask your current webhost to create a “CNAME from donfilemon.com to wordpress.dreamhost.com.”

I have GoDaddy and I configured it so that www points to wordpress.dreamhost.com and it did not work. You can check that www.donfilemon.com is not directed to wordpress.

However, I was successful on setting up the subdomains drupal.donfilemon.com and photos.donfilemon.com.

Considering I am using Dreamhost Apps free version, how should I configure in GoDaddy the A record for my www to work and be directed to wordpress?
Would this affect my MX record and other CNAME records I have in GoDaddy?

Thanks in advance