Pointing a registration?

Hi, I got a DH registration, like www.mynicelongname.com. How do I get that to refer to my DH domain called myshortname.com ?

If you’re hosting the shortname domain here, you can go to the panel for Manage Domains, and create either a Mirror or a Redirect for the long one to go to the short one.



yes, everything is at DreamHost.

So I would create two domains at DH.

myshortname.com as a regular hosted domain and also
mynicelongname.com which is a redirect to the first domain.

Now that seems more complicated than my original goal of reducing the domain name in order to simplify. For example, previously I had a registration with GoDaddy and all I had to do was to set it to redirect to myDomainAtDreamHost.com

So does this mean that to simplify things all I need to do is to create a domain at DH called

mynicelongname.com, which is also registered at DH

And the internet will figure out the two are related.

Am I missing something?