Point subdomain to my personal machine's IP addr?


I have the domain framba.ch, nameserver is in Switzerland (registered by switch.ch). I have the root and a few other subdomains hosted by dreamhost.

I would like to create another subdomain (saturn.framba.ch) to point to my personal machine that’s sitting next to me here. How would I go about this? My ISP is Comcast and they don’t provide static IP addresses to residential customers.


If you’re using a nameserver in Switzerland, you’ll have to add an IP address for your home machine there.

If you’re actually using the DreamHost nameservers, you can click on DNS for Domains -> Manage Domains and add an A record for your home IP address. If your ISP is like mine, my IP address rarely changes, you’ll just have to keep an eye out for that change and update the A record accordingly.



D’oh. I meant the registrar is in Switzerland.

I created the subdomain like normal, then went back into the DNS settings and changed it. Works beautifully. Thank you.

I guess my problem is that I didn’t see this option in the initial “create subdomain” screen, and stopped looking.


You didn’t need to create the subdomain first, just add the new A record. Creating the subdomain only tells DH you want to host the said thing on their server. Which you really don’t want to do.

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