Point new domain at subfolder

I have an existing site hosted at DH, let’s say: commercial.com. I registered – but did not set up hosting – a new domain name through DH: personal.com. I want to point personal.com to a subfolder the original site: commercial.com/personal. I don’t want to jeapordize the Google ranking for commercial.com. Should I Mirror or Redirect personal.com to that subfolder in the DH Control Panel? (Does Mirror in CP even give that option?) Is there a hosting charge for this redirection? Do I need to point DH name servers for personal.com?

TIA for your help.

You can’t mirror a subdirectory. A redirect will change the browser’s URL from “personal” to “commercial.” That won’t harm your Google ranking, but then it is no longer “personal.”

One option is to set up a Fully Hosted personal domain and tell it to use /home/USER/commercial.com/personal for the web directory, instead of /home/USER/personal.com

Just be sure that you’re not using full URLs for links on your site(s); just a relative link and that will preserve the desired domain in the URL.

Thanks. I think Fully Hosted is the end result that I want. However, I am confused about the “unlimited domains hosted” that DH says is included in the $8.95 per month. If I host my new personal.com site, does that entail another $8.95 charge, or is it included in the original charge for commercial.com? Thanks again.

You can host 1 or 10 or 238534895 domains. You’re paying a flat fee.

I set up the Fully Hosted option for personal.com and pointed it at commercial.com/personal. Thanks. However, even though the links on that index are all relative, I notice that anything that is at or above that level (e.g. a link to commercial.com/images/aPicture.jpg) is not showing up. Any way around that? All files below commercial.com/personal are showing up (e.g. commercial.com/personal/cards/aCard.jpg).

If you’re tying the two sites together, anything in Personal would need a full path to the Commercial website.

If you want to keep “personal” separate, then it’d need its own copies of the Commercial resources in its own personal images directory.