Point my domain?

I own www.billibilli.com and it is hosted by dreamhost.

Right now if you go to “www.billibilli.com” it automatically loads “www.billibilli.com/billibilli” where my site’s wordpress is installed.

I would like to remove all the wordpress installs on that domain, and instead point www.billibilli.com to my smugmug site.

The Smugmug directions for doing this are:

  1. Point your CNAME ‘www’ to domains.smugmug.com
  2. Point your A Record ‘@’ to

However when I try to do that I get this error:
[color=#FF0000]You already have a record for this name. You can’t have a CNAME and any other record on the same name.[/color]

So what should I do? Can I remove the prior record? And how do I point the A Record?

And last question: If I get this working, do I need to keep hosting the site through dreamhost? I assume I can drop hosting and it’ll be hosted on smugmug.

(link to smugmug instructions)

You will need to remove the existing hosting on your domain before you can point it somewhere else. You can do this by clicking the “Remove” button under the “Web Hosting” column on the main Manage Domains page. (Don’t click “Delete” on the far right hand side; that’ll remove the domain from your account entirely. All you want to remove here is the hosting.)

Once you’ve done that, the default DNS records for your site at DreamHost will go away, and you can add your own for Smugmug.

Thanks for the quick info!

Is there no way to maintain the hosting for a blog, as in:

You may be able to set up a subdomain blog.billibilli.com for instance
Then over at your other site perhaps point …/blog to this new subdomain