Point my domain to my IP?


We have our own servers at home, and because I had used DreamHost in the past and was pleased with their service, I decided to register my new domain through them.

I had trouble getting my account approved, so I couldn’t do anything. I just finally got it approved this morning, and have been searching for some way to edit my domain so that it points to the IP address of our servers.

After some research, I’ve discovered that this is not easy. The DH wiki says I should be able to change something in the Manage Domains tab that will allow me to host my domain at my house, but there is nothing in that tab!!! It tells me I need to pay for their webhosting services!

Can someone help?? How can we point the domain to our IP?


You need Domain Hosting (not just Domain Registration) to get DNS services here. Without a hosted domain, there’s no reason for them to provide DNS for something that doesn’t exist here. You’d have to sign up with a “DNS Service” to be able to do this.



Domain hosting? You mean Web hosting?

It doesn’t matter, I think we figured it out. We signed up with a site called ZoneEdit that allows me to direct my domain to our IP. In 72 hours I’ll know whether or not it worked.