Point domain

Forgive me if this is obvious. I am trying to follow the steps on the dreamhost ruby on rails wiki. I don’t really know what this means:

Then go to the DreamHost Control Panel and point the domain to the http/ directory within mydomain.com.

Can someone please enlighten me. Thanks


sorry for the wrong guess. It is lucky I can still remove the post. Please refer to rlparker’s suggestion

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First of all DO NOT RE_MAP a sub-dir!

When you first create a domain, if you do not modify the setup screen’s defaults, the Control Panel will create your domain “pointed to” the directory /home/user/yourdomain.tld.

What the wiki article is telling you to do its to change that “default setting” at this point in the rails set-up. You do that by going in the Control Panel to Manage Domains, clicking the “edit” link next to the domain in question, and changing the directory where the website is “based” from /home/user/yourdomain.tld to /home/user/yourdomain.tld/http/.




Thanks, I got it working. YAY!!!

Good Deal! I’m glad you’ve slain that beast. :wink: