Point domain at Dreamhost

I have a domain name registered with another company and I would like to set it up to point at my new DH site. I don’t want to transfer the domain to DH so I am trying to set the DNS A-NAME record to point to my DH site.

My domain name provider allows me to enter the IP address of my domain’s ANAME but I am unsure what this should be set to - the IP address of my DH server or the IP address of one of DH’s DNS servers? Can someone clarify if I am on the right track or not? Many thanks…

dreamhost lists its name servers and the ip address of each name server… use those.

Thanks for your reply but I’m still a little unclear…

My domain registration company (Easily.co.uk) have two options :-

  • Transfer my domain name to another name server (but keeping Easily as the technical contact). To allow me to do this they provide space for 2 name server addresses. To quote their control panel : “I would like to transfer domain name to other Name Servers, keeping Easily as the Technical contact. I understand that once done and accepted, most further efforts to ensure the name is usable will be the responsibility of the destination host/ISP. The domain name will remain in the Control Panel”

  • Change the ANAME record which defines where my domain name points. To allow me to do this they provide space for 1 IP address

I was trying to use the latter of these two options since the first one sounds a bit like it requires me to transfer the domain name to DH (although I’m a bit unclear about why Easily would still be the technical contact if this were so)

Can someone perhaps explain the differences between these two options? Attempts to change the ANAME record don’t seem to have had the desired effect (even waiting 24->48 hrs) so perhaps I should be using option 1 after all?

you either have inputted the wrong name server host and ip, or you have to wait a few days until everything gets updated system-wide.

Perhaps. I’ll try again. I had assumed these two options were an EITHER / OR though.

That is to say I could either transfer my domain name (I haven’t tried this yet) OR alter the ANAME record (this is what I have tried)

I’d shied away from transferring the domain name since I thought I could get away with leaving it ‘as is’ and altering the ANAME record. Perhaps I can’t.

As you can tell, this is my first delve into the world of DNS !

This is the option you need to use to ‘point your domain at DreamHost’. This will transfer the DNS duties to the DreamHost name servers, allowing you to host your site here. This should not be confused with transferring your actual domain registration to DreamHost.

The name server addresses you need to enter are ns1.dreamhost.com and ns2.dreamhost.com.

Note: you will also need to add the domain to the DreamHost hosting system using the DreamHost admin panel. Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain.


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That worked - thanks to all for your help :slight_smile: