Point DNS to another host and MX here?


I have a question. I have a domain that I registered here, and is being hosted by Google currently. We are transferring to a different service, no longer using google sites, mail, docs, etc. However the service we will point DNS to will not provide us wiht E-mail discussion lists, which we really like.

Is it possiable to point DNS to them, and then point the MX here so I can use MailMan discussion lists to take care of my e-mail needs?

I think I may be grasping, but it is worth asking so I do not have to live without what is a great service that we use a lot with Dreamhost.



Sure if the new hosting company allows you to edit the DNS entries like they do here on DH.



The company that I am going to be using will only host the website, but I will maintain the Domain name, DNS, mx all that stuff from here at Dream host. This is great, I can give it a try and may be able to pull this off after all! Whoot!