Point and Purpose of DreamPress


So I’ve been reading up on DreamPress, and honestly wish it expounded a bit more on itself. I’m trying to wrap my mind around when exactly it’s merited to suggest a client of mine use a DreamPress account versus shared hosting.

I gather that it’s faster, more secure, and permits heavier traffic… But without any figures, it’s difficult to really make a calculated decision. I’d rather not wait for a site to get sluggish (or have other issues), then make the jump. If it’s simply worth it, then I’ll suggest to customers to get it from the start; if it’s for massively trafficked sites only, then I’ll hold off.

Can someone please offer more information on this? I’m eager to know more about this new service. :slight_smile:


As someone who has been around the intarwebs for a long time ( developing for the web as well) I see absolutely no benefit in DreamPress. It is more expensive than shared hosting and it is just for WordPress (obviously since they advertise it as managed WP hosting). This is something almost useless to even the newbie web developer. It has me in the mind of all of those managed ecommerce websites. It may be tailored for just that function and less prone to you breaking your site but it is seriously limited (or completely useless) if you want to do something else with the space and resources you are allotted.

Not to make this post too long but if you want to be a web developer, capable of installing practically anything with the resources your web host makes available, DreamPress is not for you. Also, if your site is new you would have little/no traffic (possibly for some time to come) and it just does not make sense to spend that much each month when it is cheaper to go with shared hosting and more of a learning experience (which you can only benefit from). If you will only ever build sites with WordPress or your existing site is powered by it and you know you won’t need other types of web applications (ever!) then knock yourself out with DreamPress. It will be more convenient and less likely to run into growing pains (at least from reading about it). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of WordPress and I am making assumptions from just reading what DH has to say the service offers.

I would totally, 100% agree with this statement :slight_smile:

There is a niche for this, and it’s just not you. Nor is it me, to be honest, but some of the people we’re aiming for with it are people who need the power of a VPS, tuned for WordPress, but don’t have server admins. Now I love playing with my server as an Admin. I love the hard work that comes with managing a VPS. Some people? They just want a website, and they’re outgrowing Shared faster than their technical chops are growing, or even WANT to grow.

For them, managed WP hosting is the right call.

For people who have a massive site, where you need to integrate with all sorts of other web-apps, or use custom server stuff, no, this is not for you.

And the nice thing about using our managed solution is you can totally start on shared, outgrow it, and move with a click. That’s WAY easy :slight_smile:

It’s not for most people on this discussion board, but I’d agree there is a niche. I was floored the other day to come across a specialist web designer who charges $2k per site + $15/month for a very specific type of client who basically want a static brochure site that’s usually a single page, sometimes 3 or 4. This designer is clearly milking the technological fear that many people have for all it’s worth, and more credit to her if her clients are satisfied. Those people’s time is clearly worth much more than what they would save by shopping around or doing it themselves, and I’d guess DH is thinking the same thing. There’s a large group of people with deep pockets out there that want a presence on the web and they are willing to pay for it if it just works just like the premium people pay for Apple products. And hey, if it keeps DH out of the red and they start making money hand over fist from it, then hopefully they will be less likely to raise shared hosting rates!

DreamPress actually costs less than a VPS with VPS database servers. We’re not milking anyone. We’re using our best and newest servers, we’ve got Varnish and other server settings not normally installed for you on a VPS, and we’re working with core devs from WordPress to make it better for WP all the time :slight_smile: Its costs are on par with some other shared hosts, and you get way more bang for the buck.