Point a Non-Dreamhost domain to a Jetty Server on VPS


I’m new on web development, so I little bit confused…

I have a domain registered out of DreamHost and I’m trying to point it to a Jetty Server installed on my VPS…

I can check that this server and my website are working by going directly through VPS ip address and jetty port… Like this:


So, my question is how can I point my domain to this address ?
I would like to have the domain “www.geocollector.com.br” pointing to “”.

I tried to solve this in Live Chat Support, but what they said didnt work for me…

Thanks in advance,

Add the domain to your DreamHost account as a fully hosted domain, then set the domain to proxy to port 8085 using the “Mongrel and Proxy” section of the DreamHost Panel:


All right, it worked just fine !

Thanks for your help…