Point a non DH hosted domainname to a DH hosting

at the moment i host a site on DH (for example www.test.com) I would like to point a domain name that is NOT hosted with DH DNS to point to www.test.com . Normally in apache you would put a ServerAlias in the httpd.conf and then apache would server it.

When I try and set a mirror up with DH it says “Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission to add”

Hmm the majority of my domain names are not registered through DH (I’m against using the same company to host the site and register the domain…I’m just paranoid like that). All it should take is going to wherever your domain is registered and changing the nameservers to point to DH. Then you can just add the domain and have it mirror another site. I have no idea why you would be getting a permission error, however. I have added a fully hosted domain without changing the nameservers and DH still set it up.

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what i don’t understand is why DH needs to hose the DNS to host the website?! they’re not related functions?!

As long as my dns points to the IP address what difference does it make. How often do they change the IP addresses to the servers?

If you register a domain elsewhere and want to host it in DH, you will then need to point the DNS to DH. [thanks mark]

DNS will translate the domain name to IP address. If you DNS points to DH, it means you will host the domain name in DH and DH will be responsible to do the job.

The IP address of DNS server shoulud be permanent.

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None at all, except perhaps the IP address suddenly changing on you :slight_smile: .

You should be able to simply add the domain via Add New Domain / Sub-Domain, then retrieve the IP address assigned to the domain by clicking the small [DNS] link and looking at the main A-Record. You can then modify the DNS records wherever you have the DNS hosted. Note: At DreamHost different domains on a particular physical server will likely have different IP addresses, perhaps not even in the same block. Even sub-domains will usually be assigned different IPs to the parent domain.

That’s difficult to answer. In my experience, the IPs don’t change that often, but you will still need to keep on top of it and update the DNS when required.


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Nathan, I think the original poster wants to host his site here at DreamHost, but leave the DNS hosted elsewhere (ie: he does not want to use the nsX.dreamhost.com name servers).


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oops. i thougth the poster was confused by DNS they’re not related functions?! and was trying to explain the meaning of DNS.

I should be more careful about my words

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just to make sure that i’m no being a NOOB this is the step by step guide to what you’re saying i should do

  1. login to : https://panel.dreamhost.com/

  2. click : [Add New Domain / Sub-Domain]

  3. Under the first fieldset (Fully Hosted) put in “clientarea.clientname.com” in domin to host. And then

  4. click : Fully host this domain now

When i do the above 4 things I get the error

“Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission”

What i’d like to be able to do is to log onto 123-reg.co.uk. Manage my clients domain DNS records by adding the A record clientarea.clientname.com to point to my DH server IP ( , and then somehow instruct DH to server www.mydomain.com (by a ServerAlias or something)

Am i missing anything from your instructions.


I am not sure what you mean by ‘clientarea.clientname.com’, that looks suspiciously like a sub-domain to me. :slight_smile:

Normally, you put the domain name in the Domain to host: field. You can use sub-domains here, but the system won’t let you add a sub-domain unless the parent domain has been added previously. So if you intend to add a sub-domain, but leave the parent domain hosted elsewhere, you will need to add the parent domain anyway, this won’t affect the hosting of the parent domain elsewhere, it’s simply a work-around.

That IP address is probably not the one you will need to point to. You won’t know the IP address assigned to your particular (sub)domain until it has been added to the system. As I said in my previous post, each physical server has many Apache instances and a fairly large pool of IP addresses that it allocates from.


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but i wan the website hosted with them!!! doesn’t that make me slightly better?!

as mark said, if you want to host subdomain “clientarea.clientname.com” in DH, you need to first host the parent domain “clientname.com” in DH.

You can host the domain in DH by setting up DNS as mentioned above.

After you point “clientname.com” to DH, DH will allow you to create subdomain “clientarea.clientname.com

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and there is no way around this? i know my client wouldn’t want to move the entire DNS record.

Thanks for your help

I explained in my posts above how to do what you want.

The permission error you are seeing is more than likely because you are trying to add a sub-domain to the DreamHost system when the parent domain has not been added. To prevent this you simply add the parent domain to the DreamHost system, even though you do not intend to host the parent domain here, this will not affect the parent domain elsewhere, it is strictly a work-around to allow you to add the sub-domain.

Once you have added the sub-domain, you can obtain the IP address assigned to it using the procedure outlined above and update the DNS record at your other host.

Edit: Here is a basic step by step, in case you still aren’t sure what needs to be done…

1… Add ‘clientname.com’ to the DreamHost system using Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

2… Add ‘clientarea.clientname.com’ to the DreamHost system using Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

3… Obtain the IP address assigned to ‘clientarea.clientname.com’ by clicking the small [DNS] link for it on the Manage Domains page and examining the main A-Record.

4… Modify the DNS record at your DNS host to point the ‘clientarea’ A-Record to the IP address obtained in step 3.


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it seems that u need to create both domain and subdomain, but then only set on your DNS manager an A-record for the subdomain.

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