Point a domain to a directory


I can’t figure out how to point a domain to a directory. More specifically, I installed Wordpress using the DH auto installer (advanced option). All is well as best I can tell. This will be a blog only site so I need to make Wordpress the initial home page. How do I point my URL to start in the Wordpress directory (I assume index.php?)? I just registered today so perhaps the auto installer configured this automatically somehow? I cannot test this just yet becauseof DNS propogation. My URL is bmedreport.com Thanks so much! Chris


Is the domain going to be WP-based, or did you install WP into it’s own folder purposefully so that you can create a landing page for your domain in future?

The best thing to do if your site is going to be WP-based is that you move all the files/folders from the blog folder into the domain’s root folder and change the WP config to reflect the new location.

If you’ve installed WP into the blog folder because you are planning to install other scripts as your domain’s landing page then a temporary redirect will suffice.

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Just make a file called index.php with this ONE line

<?php header('Location: http://www.bmedreport.com/blog'); ?>

and place the file in bmedreport.com dir



While the above redirect will work, it is best practice to avoid using header location redirects entirely - unless its for the very short term.

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Thanks sXi and theMezz. I appreciate the fast response. theMezz’s php index redirect file worked great. I have had several websites but have never used Wordpress so I was just installing it to the suggested directory structure in the autoinstaller. I wish had put it in the root directory and will check to see how hard it is to reconfigure Wordpress to that directory. Thanks again. Chris




I have used them for several years on some sites at DH without issue



I went ahead and moved Wordpress into the root directory. I made changes in Wordpress to the new directory. I got stuck in a loop after making the directory changes in Wordpress, but figured it out. It wasn’t too difficult. Thanks everyone.


Best practice is best practice. Header redirects are messy, confusing, easily forgotten about, and decrease your SEO/rank to the nth degree. They should only be used as a very short-term redirect hack while you’re working on a live site and need a temporary redirect elsewhere.

You might not care about your blog’s rank, but it’s always a good idea to use the most professional solution so that it becomes second nature to you, rather than falling back on outdated procedures. If you decide it’s not worth your time to move the blog folder contents into the domain root, implement an .htaccess permanent redirect instead - web spiders will then treat domain.com/blog as being the ‘official’ domain.com landing page.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost