Point 2nd name to new site on DH


I’m probably doing things bass-ackwards, but here’s what I’ve done and am trying to do (so far w/o success)

  1. signed up for a shared DH hosted account for existing-domain-name.org currently hosted elsewhere, administered by a third party our club hired for design & maintenance. The site consists only of static html pages, which I have been maintaining.

  2. ftp’d all of the existing-domain-name.org files to our DH server space under the existing-domain-name.org directory in preparation for our hired 3rd party to change the dns pointers which I sent him. (not sure when he’ll get to doing it)

  3. registered alternative-domain-name.org with DH, expecting to use it as an alias for existing-domain-name.org until the transfer is accomplished and going forward.

But have not discovered how to point alternative-domain-name.org to the pages I put on DH under existing-domain-name.org
The control panel options seem to require that the DH-registered domain name be hosted first, and not vice-versa.

Help for accomplishing this will be gratefully accepted.


Use these directions to create a “mirror” http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DNS_-_Viewing_site_before_DNS_change

Instead of creating and using the dreamhosters.com sub-domain discussed in the article you can use your alternative-domain-name.org

As a footnote, if you care about google search ranking’s you will want to add a robots.txt file to tell the google bot to go away for now. After the DNS has changed, you will want to remove or adjust that so the site will be searched and delete the mirror.

Google penalizes duplicate content on sites.


Mirroring it worked. Thanks.

and as we prefer the alternate name but want to keep the original for continuity, we may just have to live with google downranking.


Then after DNS has changed you should change it to a 301 redirect from the old to the new.

It’s a little more complicated since you set it up this way to start, but it can be done easily.

Basic steps:
Delete the mirror.
Add the new domain, alternative-domain-name.org, as fully hosted, using the SAME ftp/shell user.
using shell or FTP rename the directories:
existing-domain-name.org -> TEMP
alternative-domain-name.org -> existing-domain-name.org
– TEMP -> alternative-domain-name.org
delete hosting on existing-domain-name.org
Redirect existing-domain-name.org to alternative-domain-name.org via the panel.