Do I have to do anything to host a podcast from my wordpress site that I downloaded here? I downloaded the podpress plugin, and I can verify a feed, but I’m not getting any action on iTunes. I’m using Filezilla for FTP and putting the shows in a folder I created called podcasts. I’m a total newb and this is getting pretty frustrating. Every forum I go to is speaking programming language and I can’t understand any of it. Please help. Thanks.

So far it sounds like you have it all working…let me know what your site and feed is and I’ll check it out

The site is:

The Podcast Feed URL is:

I followed the instructions on iTunes to go to “Advanced” then “Subscribe to Podcast”, and type the URL in, but only the name of the Podcast comes up and no episodes. What folder do you suggest I put the episodes so that Podpress can find them easily? I made one named podcast and put it next to the wp-admin, content, and includes folders, then just dumped my audio files into that folder. What am I doing wrong?