.PNG and .png

.PNG and .png should me the same, but dreamhost reads it as 2 different file extension. I have a script that only reads banner.png and i have the file banner.PNG( of course file exists in .PNG). In other host it works, but here it doensnt. Like when in other host, when i enter directory/banner.png, it automatically becomes direcotry/banner.PNG. But here, when type directory/banner.png, it says file not found although i have directory/banner.PNG.
any idea how to fix this? thanks

Welcome to using a UNIX-style operating system. Unlike Windows and DOS, filenames are case sensitive in Linux. .PNG and .png are not the same, and despite PNG being an acronym like most extensions, the convention is to always use lowercase.

This is a no-brainer - simply rename the files so that the extensions are lower case. You don’t have to do it one by one, a simple Perl script or shell script could do it for you.

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