Plus Addressing, minus addressing, etc

I read on the wiki that dreamhost does not support plus addressing. I love using plus addressing and want to bring it to my new website…
I searched the forum for these terms and didn’t come up with anything. I know that it can be traditionally added to qmail and would love to have it on my mail here.

Can this be added to a dreamhost domain? Since I am new to webhosting, how would it be done?

Actually since September 2006 DreamHost has supported “plus addressing” as an alternative to catch-alls.

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Ok… well… How do you set it up? I need this right away!!!
Christopher Vigil

you don’t really have to do anything to set it up – just set up a normal e-mail address like then you can use and it will go to the address. i haven’t actually set it up so i may have some of the details wrong…

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I tried it and it doesnt’ seem to work… on my previous email server you needed to create an address called -default (of course this was minus addressing) so i would assume that an account needs to be setup, but I haven’t seen anything ANYWHERE? Any help?

Works for me!

You’re on the wrong track. You don’t need to setup anything. This is the default configuration for DreamHost e-mail. If it doesn’t work, stop jumping to conclusions and contact support. The only problem you should be having is with non-DreamHost systems that are improperly programmed to reject using addresses with a + sign.

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check that… you are dead on. It worked… now I just need to figure out the best way to pick an email address that won’t get spammed…
Christopher Vigil