Plug ins for WP


How do i install a plug in to WP - do i need access to the sql database or do i just upload the plug in via ftp. any suggestions on which ftp to use? i have never done this before but the person who built my site has more or less left me in the lurch so i am like a blind person in a forest wondering around bumping into things all over the place
thank you


Most WP plugins I’ve installed just get uploaded to the /wordpress-directory/wp-content/plugins folder, then activated in the dashboard. But each plugin is different, and you will have to follow the directions for each. Some require more steps.

I recommend Core FTP (you can get it from The LE version has features that a lot of other programs either charge for or don’t have, and it’s user-friendly.



Thanks but i dont know how to get to the

/wordpress-directory/wp-content/plugins folder


There is information at about uploading your website, which includes general ftp directions. You would use your ftp client, and locate the proper folders under your domain name.