Pls Help!I Screwed Up mt Dirs trying to host site

I’m so confused!!! I have 2 domains ( and ( I’d like to host a few people on deadtime. I have tried to set up FTP accounts for them and have tested them to see if they login (which they do), yet they don’t login to a place where I’d like their site to be.

I’ll explain more clearly. :wink: If I’d like to host Bob’s personal site, and he doesn’t have his own domain, do I set him up a subdomain first—or do I just stick a folder called Bob under all my files? I don’t want anyone to have access to any of the other sites I run under, but whenever I have tried to set up FTP (and this makes time #8) it logs Bob in (when I test his acct) to his own seperate directory that I have no idea how to get into>



Just login to FTP using the username and password you gave him. Just setup an entry in your FTP client for his subdomain and you’re in business. If you forgot it, goto “Users” then “Passwords” and have it e-mail to you.

It sounds like what you want is to have a directory structure like this:

Where is both Bob’s FTP root and HTTP root. It’s not a good idea to try that - the home directory of a user will be his FTP root - and his home directory also stores his e-mail and the log files for any domains in his directory.

Now you can have this:

You have to create the user first, and make his home directory “/home/your_username/his_username”. Then add the sub-domain, and for the web directory select “/home/your_username” from the drop-down box and then type in “his_username/”.

Then you will have to deal with file permissions and thats why it would be less hassle to just login using his username and password.