Plone at DH?

Does anyone have experience using the Plone content management system (CMS) at DreamHost?

Plone is a Zope- and Python-based CMS ( Compared to Joomla!, which is a one-click install here at DH, Plone appears at first glance to better combine my required features of multilingual support, human-friendly URLs, and search engine optimisation. However, it appears to be more oriented towards application hosting rather than content hosting, and one of their FAQ warns that it might take a lot of resources ( I’d hate to be a bad neighbor for all the others who share whichever hardware my domain is on.

So, if you have any experience with Plone, especially at DreamHost, please let me know.

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I don’t have a definitive answer here for you on Plone, as I last tried to make it play in the Dreamhost environment a couple of years ago, and I could not get it to “play nice”.

A lot has changed since then (not the least of which is my understanding of such things [wink)], and Dreamhost has upgraded the python package here at least a couple of times. it might be worth another attempt on my part, which your post encourages me to do.

It is my understanding that it is resource intensive, though to what degree that is true depends, I’m sure, on a lot of variables.

Not intending to “hijack the thread”, but still relevant, I think, to your posted description of what you are looking for, you might give Drupal a hard look. It does work on Dreamhost, and some swear by it.

If I can find the time soon, I’ll try to slap a test installation of Plone on one of my “dev” domains,see how it goes, and get back to you.


Plone isn’t going to work on a DreamHost shared server, because the Zope server needs to be running all the time. Zope is pretty resource intensive, so I expect the Zope server will get killed.

I’m curious if you’ve made any progress on this.

I was turned on to the the idea of using Plone for file management in conjunction with WebDav and Novell NetDrive, recommended by the following Slashdot thread:

In lieu of this, can anyone recommend an alternative for USER FRIENDLY file management to replace typical FTP access?


Actually, Ian’s post subsequent to mine in this thread reminded me of the main problem; and I felt a little “stoopid” for not remembering that. He is correct about zope. I have not revisited the issue since.

Obviously, the operative requirement there is “USER FRIENDLY”, and that is a really hard term to put your arms around, as its definition varies greatly depending on to whom you are talking :wink: .

DH has it’s own “web based” ftp which some find easier than a traditional client, I have also had good results with many users by providing a “filemanager” cgi for their use (suggestions for “filemanager” cgi scripts are in this thread), so you might want to consider one of those.

There are also “document sharing” and “collaborative workspace” apps out there that might serve your purposes, depending upon your needs. Dreamhost even has a “one-click” install of ActiveCollab that you might want to check out.