Pleasee please help

Hi I really need help I am building this charity run website and I need to get it done tonight and I was testing my form to see if it works and it does not and I dont know what to do and please help…
This is the form and when I click submit it does not send the information to the php file like it did on my old server and idk why I get a 403 error I have tried to edit file premissions in the web ftp in dream host provides a link to but it seems to make no difference I still get the error what do I do?

no I am not !! and the reason you saw that was because I figured it out so it does not matter if anyone else has this problem change the extension from php to pcgi and then go into the web ftp and then scroll down to the bottom left cornner and drag up the thing and then click file premissions and type in number 777