Please vote

dear dreamhost users, I would like to ask you to take a moment and vote “for” a feature to be implemented at dreamhost. the feature can be found at:

login to your

with your user account,… go to HOME:SUGGESTIONS TAB… and

VOTE FOR: Fix the junk mail filter to work on mirrored mx domains.

its two credits only and u prob never used any of them.

can u ask the same around to whoever else you know that has a dreamhost box. the more people voting, the quicker they will implement this thing,… that should be working already and will make my life easier here.

thanks thanks… pls pls… do it ! thanks


ps. by voting on this, you will help me get them to work on their junk mail filters that for some reason are broken with domain mirrors for email, making me create double email users and forwarding to ensure as a workaround.

That seems part of a bigger problem with Junk Filtering - nor does it work on panel-forwarded mail or discussion list mail. Best surely that the common cause gets the votes for fixing.