Please upgrade Roundcube!

i think the installed Roundcube is 3 years old! i had to switch to using Roundcube because the regular webmail interface was so much slower. unfortunately, searches can take five minutes, and often time out, but the newest 1.1 Roundcube supports searching multiple folders and has gone through much improvement since 0.8!

+1 RoundCube on DreamHost is 0.8.2, yet they just released 1.10 Stable. Please upgrade.

+1 In serious need of an update guys.

I’m a longggggg time DreamHost user - didn’t there used to be a “feature request” system where we could vote with points? Where did it go?

There used to be one. It was really frustrating for our customers, because it required users to take part in a weird “suggestion screening” process before they could contribute, and didn’t leave room for very much feedback, either from other customers or from DreamHost staff. Our options were pretty much “mark as completed” or “mark as rejected”; there was no way for us to ask questions or explain what’s up.

This forum section is what’s replaced it. Sure, it doesn’t have a voting system, but it allows for discussion, which is way more important. (And here’s a dirty little secret: we didn’t really pay a lot of attention to the points anyway. Sorry.)

It’s really not an ideal solution but you could install the latest RoundCube yourself in a subdirectory or subdomain. It’s relatively straight forward and only needs a database (I’d recommend creating a separate one for this). You can enable SSL using a self-signed certificate for extra security or alternatively, get a free SSL certificate from (it’s an Israeli company so can’t comment on how secure/trustworthy they are).

Another not so ideal solution (sorry) is to forward all email to or have it pulled from another provider such as Gmail or dare I say Hotmail/ I have some email accounts forwarding email to Gmail or Google Apps accounts and some catch-all accounts that are collected from within Gmail/Google Apps. You can even send email or reply from those accounts transparently as the Gmail web interface and Android app will automatically select the correct FROM address.

Hope this was of some use to you.

It is not that difficult to create your own RoundCube installation. The setup/configuration is a little tricky, but not impossible, to figure out.

There are some considerations if you’re running PHP 5.5.x or 5.6.x (which DreamHost has made available). You definitely want secure hosting enabled and you want to require RoundCube to use it.
That said, DreamHost should upgrade RoundCube to the latest stable release for webmail, and make it the default instead of SquirrelMail, which is worthless.

Veering slightly off the thread topic…
In fact, just today I was looking for the Suggestions option in the DreamHost Panel. I couldn’t find it, so I wondered what happened. I pulled up the “Chat Live” help option, and got connected to a support person who had no idea what I was talking about. Quoted from memory, please allow for minor discrepancies:

[quote=‘Support’]I honestly don’t know
You can use this to chat:
That was it… Think you could clue in live chat agents?

Back on topic…
I wouldn’t mind a RoundCube upgrade.

Really, it absolutely must be upgraded or removed completely as a choice because there are many vulnerabilities in the old version of Roundcube.

See this link and search “roundcube”

There are 2 pages of vulnerabilities but they all seem to be for versions 1.05 and below. We are at .82 on Dreamhost. :frowning:

+1 to not only upgrade Roundcube but to make it the default webmail app.

I have a folder with 15K+ messages in it and SquirrelMail takes forever to display it, even if it’s only displaying 25 messages per page. Roundcube shows it quickly so I immediately switched my default to Roundcube. This suggests that SquirrelMail is terribly inefficient and by forcing everyone to use RoundCube means more efficient servers equals happier customers.

And regarding the old suggestions option: I went to contact support about this topic; went to “Feature request/suggestion” and the “tips for this category” say:

Be sure to check if your suggestion is already listed at the Suggestions area. [color=#006400](obsolete: link here brings you back to contact support)[/color]
Submit your suggestion through that page, and other customers will be able to vote on it. [color=#006400](again, obsolete)[/color]
Visit the wiki for information on Suggestions. [color=#006400](this is how I eventually discovered this suggestions forum)[/color]