Please stop blacklisting IPs accessing mail.*

I had an issue this evening where my IP was blacklisted from accessing mail.*. I find it hard to believe that my PC was abusing the service, as I was out of the office all day. So, only standard polling was occurring.

DH needs to revise this policy. I’m the only one who manages the DH account, and our business has many email users. If any of our users experience this, and I’m unavailable (to sit around and wait for support to do something), I can’t have them being held up because their IP was blacklisted - even for a short time. Especially on critical deadlines.

I’m sure there must be a better way to deal with this.

Honestly, I can’t keep having this happen. If it does continue, I’ll be forced to use anyother service.

Hi Jamnko, I hope that this is already fixed for you but.

Where have you verified that your IP is blacklisted. Did DH send you an email or something similar?

Support told me during the chat session, and said normally it clears up after an hour. When asked what triggers it, support stated that too many requests to the mail server from the same IP will put that IP on a blacklist. When asked what the threshold was, support refused to elaborate.

That’s all the info I have, because that’s all the info that was provided by support.