Please read!

I am totally lost- I just bought a domain for 31.00!! I can’t accept the ftp:// site folder whatever thing!! I don’t know how to add codes, or frames, or pictures, or anything, and I just need someone to guide me through this whole thing, so I can make my darn site! Thanks


yes, I have…I downloaded bulletproof ftp…and can’t access my folder… it says I’m not authrorized to access the folder…I also am really confused @ how to add frames, when I’m useing ftp- this whole thing has got me mixed up like whoa! :slight_smile: lol! GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA AND TRUST IN JESUS!!!

Perhaps you could ask jesus for help? You seem to trust him.

It’s also considered good practice to put a meaningful subject in your posts. PLEASE HELP is not that helpfull.

To access the directory you should use the username and password you use to access the

If you are using shh you need to put the files in /home/username/

that’s great advice, and yes I do trust Jesus!! He is the Savior! Thanks! God Bless!

I’ve heard he doesn’t know a lot about web design, though.

LOL!! :smiley:

and you’d be right… look at the state of it:-


goes back to the corner

Excuse me?? Jesus knows everything…more than anyone will ever know…I want yall to think about that ok? Because He is everywhere…everywhere in this whole world, He knows the whole darn book of html…he knows everything! Please do not put Him down because He is the best, and I’m not here to judge anyone, I just feel strongly that Jesus is awesome!! Thanks! Keep up the site work! God Bless You!

Ah monotheism. It’s got to be a top 5 threat to world peace at the moment.

An evangelist loves to have an audience. If you have a problem with what he is evangeliscizing, then it’d be best to not to reply. But thats just my two cents before this becomes a thread that never ends.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML CSS

yes, I evangelize about Jesus, because everyone needs Him. I’m a teenager, and I have more sense to know that God is not ruining world peace. It’s the hard-headed people that do that…Thanks tho for your input, but I’d rather not take it. Thanks anyways… God Bless You!

OK, folks - let’s keep this discussion on topic and / or move to the “off-topic” section.

I’m not a nazi…that was a dumb comment. I could have even thougth of a better comment than that. GOD BLESS YOU!!

uh… pretty sure that was aimed at Will not you…

posting nazi: n, a forum or mailing list Moderator who is strict to the point of annoying the users.

Please, Will/Jeff, lock this topic!! Arrrghh.

I was going to mention Godwin, but not sure it counts on discussion boards.

Anyway, I’m always in favor of religious antagonism, but seeing as I work here and stuff, I’ll try to take the higher ground.

Not officially locking this thread, but behave.

And happy VD.

Oh! I’m sorry!!! My bad- see you can tell that I’m new at these things…I jumped to comclusions! GOD BLESS YOU!

Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that you weren’t talking about me! You can def. tell I’m new to these kind of things! GOD BLESS YOU!