Please reactivate my account

Hi, can Terri please reactivate my account(chriskelvie). I have sent 5 emails about this but none got replied since 2 days ago. I did not run the proxy site again(after your first warning email). You can check in my account(index.php) that the file has no “SUBMIT” button. I didn’t even try to run the script after your first email. I have bought the traffic packages from other sites and exchange links, so I have to keep the index page look like working, in fact the site was not functioning at all. I need to keep the ads in order to cover back my cost.

Terri, I’m just asking/begging you reactivate back my account so that I can change the nameserver of the domain. Please do something, I have incur a big lost for this domain. You can cancel my account anytime if you find me running the proxy again after re-opening my account.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I suggest you put out a support ticket. I don’t think tech support (or whoever handles that stuff) wanders over to the boards all that frequently.

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Thanks for your reply. I have yet receive any email from support. I have sent 5 emails, even to Isn’t this the support forum?

This is the customer support forum. It’s ‘stocked’ with other customers like your self. Once in a while a support person and one of the honchos will come by, but not all that often.

You should however, have access to the DNS info for your domains regardless of your hosting account. Not sure if you plan to switch hosting or not, but you mentioned needing to change that. Under the Domains > Registration tab you should be able to edit that stuff.

Best of luck


But I can’t even login to my panel. Thanks.