Please point me towards these scripts for registration issues

Hi all,

so… I’ve been trying to solve this problem for a week, and I have put in literally dozens of hours to no effect. Everyone who tries to register on two of my sites never gets the registration email. I have looked everywhere and asked everyone. Some people have given really good advice… and I think I’ve finally gotten to a point where at least I have ONE idea about what to try next…

Here’s the last relevant email from Dreamhost:


Sorry for the delayed response.

I’m afraid that we aren’t able to change the form fields in the script
for you as that’s more of a job for a developer.

Sorry for the bad news as it will be best to consult with a developer or
maybe check our members forum for assistance with locating the form

Here’s a link to our forum if you haven’ seen it before.

Sorry for the bad news, but let us know if there’s another question.

Kacy S

Could someone PLEASE just help me to at least find out where these scripts are? Even if it turns out that I can’t figure out how to do anything, at least I’ll know what they are, and I’ll be able to look at them.

Please understand… I’m trying so hard… I’m spending so much time trying to learn… but I was stuck with three WP sites because nobody in the community (for the sites) with tech experience and knowledge would step up to the plate and help. I’m still doing it as a labor of love… I’ve done okay as long as the WP issues were all on the “user” side… but I have hit such a wall here. (A good example of what I mean is that I have the Matthew Mcdonald “WP: The Missing Manual” book… I’ve gone over it about 548903287492-.pi times, and it’s covered in underlining and post-it notes… but PHP is mentioned in any context at all exactly FOUR TIMES. )

So if someone could just tell me where the scripts are and how to change them, I would at least feel like I COULD accomplish something. Maybe I could take an advanced user WP course… :slight_smile:

ETA: I went to my FTP page and looked at everything! (didn’t touch anything, of course…) And then I went through that Anatomy of a Wordpress Plugin Page where you go over Hello Dolly!! See?? I’m REALLY TRYING to LEARN.

Hi. You might want to check the scripts below. :slight_smile:

I checked them out, and thanks! If I were still trying to figure this out, though, I would definitely need to know where these scripts are actually literally located for a default registration on a WP page. But, um… through the sheer insane amount of time spent, I solved the problem. I’m not going to say it was the techiest solution in the world. But I found out that WP Super Cache doesn’t play well at all with Simple:Press. Deactivated and deleted WPSC; registration problem went away. This is DEFINITELY something that SP users should know. A lot of other users seem to be saying that WPSC has caused other problems for them… that plugin actually is recommended in Wordpress: The Missing Manual, though. You really CAN’T trust everything you read. :stuck_out_tongue: