Please make billing communication clearer!

Please alter your invoices to include the product the user has been billed or “rebilled” for.

I’m new to DreamHost. I got “rebilled” for … what? I have no idea. I can go to “Manage Accounts” and see what I already ordered a year’s worth of. I can download or look at my “invoice”–which does not say what I have been charged for. I can’t tell from anything on the site or in the email what I’ve been charged for, or why. I dug back through my own archived receipts and reg notifications from when I recently signed up, and found that I could, possibly, at a guess, be being billed for one of the domains I signed up for, but somehow DreamHost waited on charging my card for it until now. I don’t know if that’s what happened, because the invoice does not say. And then the term “rebilling” would be inaccurate. Please make your invoices actual invoices with the product I am being charged for included in the email and on the invoice on the site! Otherwise I have no way of knowing. I signed up for a year’s worth of service, get “rebilled” for part of the cost less than a month later, and can’t tell why.

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