Please let us switch back to Roundcube!

This shouldn’t be too hard.

Please understand, this isn’t a reactionary request. I’ve used Atmail. There’s no chance I (or my users) will ever accept it. So let’s skip the part where somebody tries to convince me otherwise and focus on how easy and satisfying it will be when Roundcube is restored as an option.


Note that you can install (and maintain) an installation of roundcude on your own.

Sure, I can install all sorts of things. I could write my own client. But I quite doubt that would be as efficient as dreamhost leaving their proven implementation around as an option. Have they explained their decision to remove it (while leaving SquirrelMail??)?

I haven’t seen where they explained why, and they probably won’t, and if the do the answer will likely be “security issues” without further explanation.

From a historical perspective, it’s unlikely dreamhost will reverse on this. If you really want it back you’ll likely have to install it yourself.

That said, the better solution is to abandon dreamhost email altogether. That costs more tho…

The lack of an ability to create text-only emails is a killer for me. I couldn’t use AtMail if I wanted to. There are a bunch of other missing and important features too…and the whole thing is ugly and has unintuitive UI. Using a non-Dreamhost solution isn’t possible for me because my business email needs to use the same domain as the website.

So I’ve switched my domains back to using Squirrel. Hopefully that’ll remain working.

Jeez LakeRat, that’s a bit depressing. I’ve been with dreamhost since 2007 and they’ve always been fantastic. I’m sure they’ll respond about this when they see this thread.

I have posted all my issues with Atmail here: – I’ve see quite a few more that I hadn’t even caught yet that I agree with,

Atmail sucks…period. There is nothing good about it. Please return to Roundcube, it was soooooo much better!

They took away SquirrelMail too, leaving only the dumpster fire that is Atmail. Horrible client.

I may have to rty to set up pine…