Please install lftp

Hi Dreamhost

I am in the process of migrating a website with a huge and deep directory structure.

The great thing about Dreamhost is the shell access (I am Linux user) so I want to retrieve the old site via ftp from the shell.

For this I really need lftp. ncftp is good, but it lacks the mirror function.

And yes, I have seen the mirror perl script, but it is not on par with lftp.

Could you please install lftp?

The server is carter-braxton.


Hi Martin!

LFTP is a command line-based ftp client, so you’ll need to install it to your own computer. You can download it here:

Thanks for your reply, but I mean what I wrote! (I am Linux sysadmin).

The thing is, I want to mirror a huge site directly from another server via ftp to Dreamhost. So I would log into my shell account and start lftp in a screen, and then mirror the site with the mirror command.

Why not from home? Because I have a low bandwidth and would need to transfer the site twice: first from the old host to my pc, then from my pc to Dreamhost.

So again, would you consider running “aptitude install lftp” ?


Sorry, no, we cannot install LFTP at the moment. But you may use a VPS or dedicated server if you’d like to install the software:

[quote=“DH_Elle_S, post:4, topic:60002”]
Sorry, no, we cannot install LFTP at the moment.[/quote]

Ok, I accept that. But it’s quite sad!

Btw, may I ask why? You have several ftp programs and this is just another one (and highly rated). And it doesn’t take up much space.

We are always looking for new tools, but it is a lengthy process. If you would like to make a suggestion for it please do so here in the “Suggestions” board of this forum and we’ll look into it!

As Elle said you can get a VPS or dedicated server and install it for yourself. Dreamhost won’t deviate the setup on any shared server… they have one standard image and any change to one would be a change for all and have to be vetted as secure etc before that change would be made for all.

You might open a suggestion in the suggestions board of this forum.