Please help

apologizing in advance for sounding so dingy but im going crazy here… can someone answer these questions for me?

(1) after uploading my webpages via ftp - will the files to directly to or does it automatically create another directory called “” then uploads the pages to “ ?”

its been awhile since i’ve been online so i can’t remember if i created that extra directory “” or its automatic/required

(2) if the extra directory is not required… how do i go about deleting it? everytime i try i get an error message saying i don’t have access or something like that.

(3) how do i just delete all my files/directory from the http sevice and start from scratch? i tried deactivating the http service to see if it’ll remove the files but they’re still there.

i am and should be the only person with full permission to make all changes. can someone please help? thanks!

  1. You need to upload your files by logging onto an FTP server which is different from your site’s domain. You can get this info from your control panel. Once there, you must upload into the folder name “”.

  2. It is required.

  3. Delete them from your “” directory with your FTP app after logging onto your FTP server which is different from your site’s domain. You can get this info from your control panel.


really appreciate the response, but i couldn’t get your suggestions to work - prolly user error again.

but when i go into my control panel>>domains>>web>>FTP>>GO

i see listed 3 folders “logs” “maildir” and “

i opened up the “” folder to delete its contents but once again its telling me i don’t have access.

i even tried deleting my webDaV service to see if that would help, but no dice.

i read through the FAQ’s and there was a suggestion to view hidden files ( .htaccess and .htpasswd) to delete. which i was able to view the files using ws_ftp, but i still didn’t have permission to delete.

any other suggestions would really save me from pulling more hair from my head. thanks!

is there a tech support number we can call?

Unfortunately, there’s no number. You can, however, send out the support request and request a call back.

do you know if support is 24/7 at dreamhost? or if its after regular business hours then i shouldn’t expect a resonse until hopefully the next day?

They don’t mention their hours, but they do mention that you should receive a response within 24 hours. Requesting a call back means that you can hold the support-person “captive” until your issue is resolved, rather than sending reply emails and waiting 24 hours for a response to each.

great idea! i’ll give it a try… at this point, i don’t have much else to lose…