Please Help (Waiting Time)

I Purchased A Domain 1 Years Hosting For $120 It My Account Is Still Pending…
Account =

I Noticed Down The Bottom It Says “May Take Up To 1 Working Day” Its Currently Been 2 Days And Im Wondering Whats Up. My Mate Purchased A Domain The Same Day And His Was Accept 2-3 Hours Later.

Payment Was Made Full Via Google Checkout And Was Successfull…

Heres A Link To The Screen Dump Of The Payments…
[removed at request of poster - jeffc]

Kind Regards

Before you do anything else, please remove that screenshot from public view as it displays information you should not allow to be public.

Post back when you have done that, and I’ll comment further on the possible reasons for your delay.


My account is still pending as well.
24 hours since I signed up and paid with Google Checkout.

A colleague setup a new DH account a few weeks ago, and was setup with in an hour. I think they paid with credit card, and didn’t use Google Checkout.

Posted a support ticket, and got an automated reply 12 hours later. I have used another DH account, and got a support response with in 30 mins previously, so I am guessing they are swamped at the moment…


As said by a staff member here, it can take 3-4 days to get your account activated due to Google Check-out’s fraud-detection system. If after 3-4 days your account isn’t activated, just send a ticket to support in your control panel explaining this fact and you should be set up pretty quickly :wink:

@Liquid.Ace - Never, EVER post information like that in public places. I can only imagine what others who visit these forums might do with it.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

i cant remove it… it has exceeded the maximum time limit… sorry about that but i wanted to show that the payment had gone through…

so any ideas on why its taking so long?

If you can’t remove the link, you should be able to remove the image, and you really should.

Google Checkout is (in)famous for some pretty strident potential fraud checking, and that is one of reasons that DH uses it.

Anything that appears at all anomalous to Google can cause a delay, and that can be anything from a phone number it doesn’t think is correct,to an address it finds is suspicious, etc.

Now none of this means that there is actually any potential for fraud in your case, only that Google might think there could be.

As others have pointed out, anecdotal evidence here indicates that Google Checkout payments often several days to “clear” DreamHost - while we can guess as to why that is, neither Goggle or DreamHost are really saying.

You can always generate a support ticket and ask DH directly.


I removed the link to the image. I encourage the original poster to remove the image itself, though.

Carry on!

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  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

hey thanks for removing it. So how long will this really take??
i knew i should have used direct payment >< im never using google checkout EVER again…

There is nothing wrong to pay using Google Checkout. Paying by credit card does not speed up the process. Sometimes it depends where you are from or something else. As customers, it is very hard for us to tell the reason. You just need to give DH more time to process it. :stuck_out_tongue:

As they mentioned, if you have waited more than 3-4 days, you can then send a ticket to DH support.

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OK, so I didn’t know that it was going to take so long for Google checkout to clear, but if it is more secure, then it is worth it.

So got the account fully actived by mid day today and now I am good to go.

Suggestion to put in the control panel, a notice that Google checkout clearance may take up to 4 days.


Well Its Nearing 4 Days And I Have No Idea How To Generate A Support Ticket… Arg…

To send a support ticket, you need to log into DH panel.

Open and key in your email address and password you entered when you signed up your account.

Now you are in DH panel. Go to Support --> Contact Support to send a ticket.

Good luck!

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I Hope They Reply Soon ><

i sent a support ticket almost 2 days ago now and still no reply… checked email and panel… its almost been 5 days since i payed, if this doesn’t hurry up i will be requesting a full refund and moving elsewhere… this is getting quite annoying now.