Please HELP! My login is hacked

My account login is hacked yesterday. The hacker has changed my email DNS and I can’t get any emails from support. I have contacted the support, but maybe their emails are not getting to me.

Please let me know what to do.

Sorry for the panicky post.

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Same issue here. Is there any way to access or have support via this community?

Is there any way to have support here???

If my domain is stolen what is the procedure to follow or how to open a dispute?

Dreamhost support helped me.

It’s happened twice and both time the Dreamhost team helped me through chat right then and there. They are super fast! They are sooooo good. Truly love them helping newbies like me.

You can even give them permission to go in and fix whatever is needed.

Good luck!

I think you can contact direct admin.

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