Please help me

I’m slowly and painfully being hypnotized by aliens via the spinny “Loading…” animation in the Firefox tab of the DH control panel window. It’s making me beat myself to death by whacking my skull into my keyboard like this:

uujb604vm90rmvevmpovsom[pev-0,i…and it kinda hurts, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t good for my keyboard either.

Someone make it stop please.

see the little red “x” next to the tap you have the panel open in? click that, it makes the spinny loady thingy stop immediately. :slight_smile:

–Matttail - personal website

The “Manage Domains” window finally loaded (…after about 20 minutes). Went to add new subdomain and it’s back. The aliens obviously do not want me to have my new subdomain today.

I hate them.