Please Help Me!

I have re-created my site in Frontpage, I have disabled the extensions, and now I cant upload it! I have never had so many issues with uploading a website before. Since the extensions are disabled, can I still use Frontpage to upload the site? or do I need to go to something like Filezila? and am I uploading it to my website name or to the I need to get this done so I can advertise my business…any help is appreciated!

ok, breathe :slight_smile:

You can use front page to up-load your site, or you can use filezilla - it makes little difference in the end. With front page extensions turned off, you’ll not be using the ‘live’ feature, but just upload your site.

You’ll want to connect to at the ftp address, and you’ll need to use the user/pass associated with the domain. You’ll also need to place the files in the directory named after I can’t remember off hand how you set this in front page, but I think it give you a place to specify a sub-directory for publishing.

I believe if you search a bit you can find more detailed instructions on setting up Front page, You’ll probably have to weed through some non-relative discussions, but you should be able to find detailed setup info.