Please help me!

I just ordered my 1 year of webhosting for $9.24. I used the special promo code. I registered a free domain and everything, now what do I do? I haven’t gotten an e-mail from DreamHost or anything. Can anyone help me? How long do I have to wait?

lets see do you have an account pending approval and what was the page that came up when you finished it and i am having the problem to it is account pending approval i hope the dreamhost ppl come on here and approve us i just registered mine 4 days ago i really need it working and fast lol… what is your domain it might be because that you got a free domain and i have a question i just transfered my domain can i still get a free one?

I am: “This account is currently pending approval.”

I registered a free domain. I really need to to be up and running soon also.

why can’t they just get rid of that and then go and check the accounts when they want
I also got this from the knowlage base
Account approval will usually happen automatically, but in some cases we will require a faxed approval form before your account is approved. If you are sent an email asking to send in a fax your account will be approved within 24 hours of you sending the fax!

Something is definitely going on with the Dreamhost panel. This stuff has never happened with them. We always get immediate approval if the domain is available. I’ve been with them for years and never had anything but almost instant service and always a personal response within 24 hours on a support issue.

Go to the front page and use the email there to attempt successful contact.

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