Please help me, all my webs are down, i have VPS


Hello, i am desesperated, I have a VPS and all my webs are down today, I have recieved the automatic message from DH saying

“You are receiving this message because your web hosting services are being affected by hardware maintenance due to issues with your VPS web hosting server homie-vserver201… etc”

But I dont know when will solve the problem, I am member of DH from about 3-4 years, I changed last year to VPS to get more security and avoid server downs, so I dont understand that paying 40-50 usd every month, to host only 20 webs (the web that have more have around 400 visits/day) I am having these problems.

I would like to know how many time all my webs could be down…



Which sites do you run?

And did the DH message indicate when the hardware issue would be resolved?