Please help in converting a small 'include' script

for a WP-Cumulus script.

I want to add the very cool WP-Cumulus to a site I host here. The problem is the two scripts use an ‘include’ and DH doesn’t allow that.

Would anyone know how to modify these two scripts so they will run on DH?

<? include(''); ?>

and this one

Any help would be appreciated.


PHP includes are allowed, but only from the local file system. For remote includes (URL access) you will need to adapt your scripts to use cURL.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

I still need help with the script.

Those are just some of the results that are shown from google. I would give you an old script, but i cant find it. I used to use it to yank a bunch of forum posts off the web as announcements on a site. But like he said, you need to use cURL for remote includes. it isn’t very hard, but it can become a pain until you get used to using it.

Ok, well…

That actually gives you access to his code. Place that, do whatever it says you need to do to make it work. I didn’t really look at it, just went to see if the source was available as the outside link your trying to include is a script, and most scripts, crons and such, tend to display blank pages. The one in your first include does just that. Place the source file on your hosting account.

this applies to the first and second part, if you have all the files on your account. say, as an example, your accounts at /home/exampleuser/ - you could put the files in /includes in there and then call then through php with include(’/home/exampleuser/’); and so on.

Obviously, i only mention because you just showed source and not much else, these need to be in whateverscript.php otherwise it wont parse the include.

on your first example, change the <? to <?php as well, as <? is sort of non-standard now and i believe it might be considered obsolete. It’s been a while since I’ve looked in to it.

–John V