Please help can not login to my panel

Hi all,

I signed up today. It all went fine, I entered my email, password, domain and credit card number. But when I tried to sign in I kept getting the same failure message. First I thought I got the password wrong, but when I tried to reset it I got the message that the email I used is not in the registrar. However I know that the domain IS registered. So basicly they have all my data except for the email. I contacted the support staff already, but can anyone give me solution of what’s going wrong?

Thank you.

This forum is mainly customer to customer discussion so it’s unlikely that you’d get an officially qualified response to this here. If I had to hazard a guess it might be a simple typo in the email when signing up, or their backend experienced a failure when saving your details. If you’ve managed to contact Support already then they should get you hooked up fairly shortly.

Welcome Aboard!


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