Please help: account disabled no idea why (and no luck with support yet)


Our account has been disabled 2 days ago and we don’t have any emails or messages about the reason!

Support tickets: #4034361 and #4033194
The account is paid, all contact info is correct, we don’t spam (our site is still in development)

Any ideas why this would happen??

Highly appreciate a quick resolution,




I’ve yet to run across a time where someone’s account was disabled without notification. Check your Support history and/or spam quarantine in your email.


Thanks Scott,
But pretty darn sure there’s nothing, we scoured the support history and the spam inbox and never found anything in the last 2 days.


You didn’t “scour” the support history very thoroughly, as when I took a look I saw an exchange of two messages between “Patrick” and our Security/Abuse team that very clearly detailed why the account was disabled, and what you could do to address the issue.

Unless/Until you proceed as instructed in those messages, your account will remain disabled for the reasons given in those messages. I don’t think you want me to disclose them here, but I am tempted as you are stating publicly you were given no notice about this when your account holder clearly was given notice, and even replied to that notice.

If you have further concerns about this, email your queries with your account number to Further posting here protesting that you are clueless will result in my publishing the account history here so you, and everyone reading your report here, can become aware of the situation. You decide how you want to proceed. :wink:


Thanks for your reply.
However, I have to point out that it is not accurate. And in fact the situation was corrected by one of your colleagues today:
" I apologize for the
confusion on our part. I see you have confirmed your account already by…"

Thanks again,



Good deal! I am glad to see this has been sorted! These kinds of things require the Abuse/Security team to sort, and I am glad to hear that has been done. :slight_smile: