Please help a idjit update phpBB

Would anyone be willing to provide actual step-by-step instructions on how to update from 6.0.4 to 6.0.13? I’ve been to the phpBB site & forum so many times, and they assume people know too much, I really can’t sort out what I’m supposed to do.

I have a simple, low-traffic forum with no MODs.

Would be very grateful for any advice. Will give first born to anyone actually willing to do the upgrade.


Margreta in distress

How to back up:
The first thing you should do is backup everything. To do this, go to the admin panel on the forum and on the left side select “Backup Database,” select “Full backup,” “Gzip compress file,” and “Start Backup.”

It will take a couple of seconds and it should download a file (save the file, that’s your backup of the data in the forum, eg. the posts, users and everything.)

Now it’s time to backup the physical files. Just download them with your favorite ftp app, remember if you do forget something Dreamhost has backups in the .Snapshot directory located in your home folder.

Downloading the update:
Go here > and select a mirror and download the update. Unzip the download.

Installing the update:
Unzip ""
Upload all of the files in that folder, overwrite files on the server (make sure not to overwrite folders though.

Upload the folders “install” and “contrib” to the server.

Load the file

Make sure everything says it upgraded ok, if so then delete “install” and “contrib” from the server and your done :slight_smile:

hope I’m not being stupid, but going from version 6.0.4 to 6.0.13 would actually be a downgrade…



technically, there is no 6.0.13…they are only at 2.0.13

and it may look wrong, but 2.0.13 is newer than 2.0.4

oops! silly me, it should be “” :slight_smile: