Please get your STATUS act together


I’m sorry to sound frustrated, but sheesh. My email is down across all of my sites, and I’ve now wasted time trying to figure out if DH is already aware of the problem and fixing it.

First, I checked their emergency status page (since my email is down on all of my sites rather than just one. I figured it might be a systemwide thing)

I went here:

Nothing there. It says:

“This site is hosted off our primary network and will contain information about any serious downtime issues. This page is only updated if our primary system is unavailable.”

Well thanks for not providing a link to the primary system.

I go into my control panel and come across this:

We have decided to decommission the system status page until we are able to make it more accurately reflect actual system uptimes! Our apologies.
In the meantime, if you can’t access your site, there’s always our announcements area and even”

Announcements area… went there - that’s not at all what I’m looking for. Blog. Come on. I went there to find pictures of a dummies book and dogs.

Oh, but this takes the cake:

“If those are down, something bad is afoot, so please visit our off-site emergency status page at”

IDIOTS! That’s where I went, only to be told to check the primary system.

Please set up one centralized place for system status info and then set up a backup place. Then, for the love of god, link them to each other.

System status is a lot like a flashlight. It’s the sort of thing you rarely need. So, when the power goes out, it needs to be easy to find.

Now I have to waste my time alerting DH to an email issue they might already be working on.

Disorganization hurts the user experience guys. Please get this fixed.

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I got the following reply from DH:

“Your email service is up and running, please check again and let us know if you are still unable to send or receive.
This page will update you on current outages:

That last sentence is incorrect. Clearly, there was some sort of outage.

During the hour that my email was down across all of my accounts, the status page had no info whatsoever. In fact, it hasn’t been updated since february 13th.

Jalpuna! - personal blog
this is the box - radio blog
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#3 is only used to system wide issues, that’s when they’ll update there. If you can’t connect to any of your websites, the forum or blog is out, and you can’t connect to the panel - you should expect to see a message on

If that’s not the case you’ll want to check the accouncements area in the panel first, often there will be messages there if your entire server is out. Next place to go is the support area of the panel, which you already found. The problem is that often you won’t find messages posted in prominate places beucase it’s just an issue with your account or server. Compared to the wide world of Dreamhost, that’s a small number of customers affected.

Glad to hear things are working again for you though.