Please fix FTP Kill Connections button

I need to use Notepad ++ to work on my website. Unfortunately it tends to create too many FTP connections. I am not in a position to fix Notepad++ nor can I switch to SFTP. I would be fine if the Manage Users > Kill Connections button did something, but it doesn’t. I have to contact support every time and after waiting many hours they have to restart the FTP service. While it is down I cannot work and some features of my website do not function.

Hi rdhtemps,

That’s odd, that editor was probably not designed to overlap a ton of ftp connections. Are you editing more than one file at a time? Our Kill FTP Connections button should be working within about 5 mins, though, so long as you don’t still have Notepad++ open when you use it. If it has consistently not been working for you, we will be glad to escalate the issue to our development team to see what might be missing.