Please any help

I haven’t touched anything on my website yet, all I did was install 1 click phpbb on it. I was trying to set it up, I was able to get up the initial setup screen. However it was getting late, I was too tired so I close out of everything and called it a night.

The very next day, I goto my website and I get server not found. My website is not showing up on any of my computers. I have a server at home called it’s set on static with google dns. It has absolutely no connection to the dreamhost So I’ve created ticket with Dreamhost and they got back to me. They said everything is coming up on their side. They’ve tried a few ways, but for me it’s still the same. I flushed my dns, performed ccleaner to clean out of all of the cache. My website is still stuck on the dreamhost index.html, but I accidentally deleted it haha. On my iphone I can see the website but on my pc’s I can’t and I have no idea why? I definitely would appreciate any help on this. Also the website is fully hosted and the dns are set as dreamhost. I’m out of ideas tbh.

Thank you,


you have a name conflict. Since you have a local it’s being found before the internet version.

FWIW I can see a directory page with a phpbb directory and switching there does seem to get phpbb.

I don’t know what your local setup is, so it’s hard to tell you what to change to resolve the name conflict.

Hey Danny!

We can see the directory page on our end too. I actually just emailed you with instructions on how to hide that, if you’re interested. You can go ahead and reply there with any questions you might have for us. Thanks!