Playlist.xml generator for Flash Image Rotator

First, thanks Dreamhost and Jeroen Wijering for this cool Flash app. I’d been looking for something that let me create a Flash slideshow with parameters I could configure outside the Flash environment.

My goal though was not to display a few pictures with robust links and descriptive tagging. I mainly want the slideshow to present visitors with a sample of the many photos I publish. Creating the playlist.xml file for even a dozen .jpg files was tiresome though, so I wrote the following script generate it.

Just cd to the directory with your pictures and execute the script. It will read in all jpeg files (by default) and create a formatted playlist.xml for use with the Flash Image Rotator tools available at

I may investigate updated script that parses a gallery to add random photo files to the playlist. I’ll post those update to github:


Also, an example of the output with the modified playlist.xml parameters is available here:

Good post (and nice pics). Merry Xmas.

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Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone. =)

I made few enhancements:

The script will now parse through a directory hierarchy of photos, to include those set to match a query. The data is then formatted to fit the tag’s URL style, so the links are absolute. Other formatting is done and then a virtually unlimited number of items can be added to the playlist.xml file.

My thumbnail slideshow at http:/// includes about 1,200 photos. ( I wouldn’t want to type that XML file by hand =)

I think a couple other fun enhancements would be:

  1. Add a unique link tag for each photo to click through to the picture source.
  2. Write a javascript tool that would allow browsing the web and tagging photos as you go. You could build a file of those link references, feed them into the playlist.xml generator and end up with a local Flash slideshow of cool pics from the web.