'platform issues' Wordpress, Dreamhost?

I am a Mac user. I get by on Windows machines when necessary, but if I put up a website I will be doing everything from my Mac. I’m already intimidated by the references to ‘php’ and ‘MySQL’ but I at least understand ftp.

Will I run into any problems with the Wordpress apps on a Mac OS?


You should be fine. WordPress is a web application — almost everything that you’ll be doing with it is done through a web browser, so it doesn’t really matter what kind of computer you’re using.

Andrew, thank you for the reply. Any thoughts on my other question, as to whether a web hosting service is the way to go for a graphic novel?


One other piece of software you might want to look into for that would be ComicPress (comicpress.org). As the name implies, it’s a set of WordPress plugins that add extra functionality for web comics.

For the FTP portion of the original post see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/FTP
several mac clients are listed, I’m not a mac user but perhaps someone who is will chime in with their recommendations.[hr]
OOPS!, misread, but i will leave the post anyway :wink:

Your Mac will have no problems, as andrewf mentioned

Thanks to everyone who has answered so far. I’m reassured about the cross-platform issue. I’ve been doing my homework all day. I am still in awe of the learning curve for Wordpress compared to some of the simpler page design programs.

Just like Photoshop, I’m sure you get back in proportion to what you put into mastering it. It took me a good three years to get comfortable with that program, and for at least five years after that I was still discovering how deep the toolbox is.

Hello Konrad!

My guess is that half of the WordPress developers are running macs, and almost all of them dislike IE :slight_smile: Of course it will work in a modern browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

When it comes to the development of the actual site…

If you are only planning on releasing one site i think it would be wiser to hire a experience web developer to put together a wordpress installation and theme for you. It’s probably more worth spending your time on the comic rather than digging into WordPress templates, plugins and PHP scripting :slight_smile: