Plans for Ruby & Rails upgrades?

I noticed that Ruby support is still limited to 1.8.7. Any plans for upgrading to 1.9.3 or 2.0?

I would also like to see the latest levels of ruby and rails.

Can I also add my vote to this… Ruby 1.8.7 is practically ancient history now, and I noticed that the version of haml installed with it doesn’t generate conforming HTML.

I am just developing simpler applications using Passenger and Rack, and I would definitely like to see Ruby 1.9, preferably ruby 2.1 installed.

Any uptade about it?

It’s high time that ruby were upgraded to 2.1.

version 1.8.7 is expired and no longer supported nor considered for backward compatibility of anything written in the last few years.

Can we please know when this can be done?

Add one vote here. This really needs to happen. Any words from Dreamhost?