Plan to move Joomla site to Dreamhost

Is there anything in particular I should know about moving the Joomla site I developed over to my client’s Dreamhost account? This will be the first time I’ve moved a Joomla site. I know that Joomla has a good tutorial for moving a site–I just wondered if there was anything particular I should know that would be specific to Dreamhost.


What I can think of is to check the version of PHP and MySQL that DH is using.

For testing purpose, you can always create a free sub-domain and test your site first.

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If you follow the instruction available from numerous Joomla! sites/tutorials, you should be ok. :wink:

The only “note” I would offer is that you should choose to use PHP5 on your domain at DH in order to avoid the “global_registers” warning in the Joomla! control panel (and because it is safer!). Additionally, the DH PHP5 default installation will trigger an “magic_quotes” warning in the Joomla! back-end, but you should probably ignore this.

This is not a security issue at all, but rather a “convenience” issue that is really only relevant when importing/converting certain forum software into a Joomla! installation.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


when you say “choose to use PHP5” do you mean that is a config/control panel choice? Or do you mean run the script from the wiki?

ick, I think I may have found the answer: as mentioned at

You can choose to use PHP5 for your domain from within the control panel. This uses the default DreamHost installation of PHP 5. There is no need to compile your own PHP 5 unless you want to change DreamHost’s default settings (and there is no need to do that for Joomla!) :slight_smile: